About your donations


The Heart for Sumba Foundation is a lean foundation.
All board members work on a voluntary basis. We keep the overhead to a minimum and we work thrifty: together we try to cover all costs ourselves to be able to assign all donations straight to the children's home and the projects. We feel highly responsible towards the donations that donors trust us with. Towards donors and the children we are obliged to spend every donation with care in the most effective way.

Transparency is key: we are accountable for our plans and our activities to all audiences. Every donation will be spend on operational costs of the children's home or will be spend on the projects within the children's home. Operational costs are e.g. schooling, housing, clothing, medical costs, food as well as the salaries of our local employees.

The Heart for Sumba Foundation will report structurally on its activities via its annual report. Currently we are applying to get the ANBI status from the Dutch tax authorities.