• Name: Dolin
  • Background: Dolin was just 3 when he moved from another children's home to Hammu Pangia due to lack of available places
  • Age: just turned 12 ( August 2003)
  • Dream: to become a professional soccer player and wishes Hammu Pangia to grow to be able to take care of more children

Our ever smiling Dolin is a happy and very social boy. He is a real animal lover and loves to take care of the dogs of Hammu Pangia. He is very good at running and playing soccer. His school selected him to join the school soccer team for the island soccer competition. He is still in the running to be selected to play in a higher ranked (regional) competition.

Dolin is a hard worker in school as well: in Summer 2015 he got ranked 1st from his class. He has got a lot of friends and in his own words: finds it cool to be part of Hammu Pangia.

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