The children

A happy and safe place! That is what Hammu Pangia wants to offer to vulnerable Sumbanese children. In Hammu Pangia these children all become part of a big family, where they receive personal attention, food, clothing, health care and education within a family environment; but most of all they receive love, respect and hope for a better future. Currently 32 children live at the shelter, aged 2-18 years. These children are orphans or come from extremely poor circumstances, where the care takers cannot feed them anymore.

Breaking the poverty cycle

From the age of 6 all children go to school and it is great to see how much joy they get out of it. After finishing their high school we offer them support them in stretching their education to college or other advanced education. At the moment 3 former Hammu Pangia children are students (in either Bali or Flores). We are firm believers that education can break the poverty cycle. You can help us do this by sponsoring a child or a project. It really makes all the difference.

Read more about some of the children on this page. Please note that because of reasons of privacy we don't discuss the circumstances under which the children came to our home.

Their stories

Every one of us has got his or her own story. So do the children of the children's home. Read how living in the children's home impacts their daily young live.

  • Angel

    Name: Angel Background: a combination of circumstances made Hammu Pangia Angel's home when she was just a few weeks Age:...

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  • ELAN

    Name: Elan Background: Comes from a very isolated area and joined Hammu Pangia 2 years ago Age: 15 (Born in...

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    Name: Dolin Background: Dolin was just 3 when he moved from another children's home to Hammu Pangia due to lack of...

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  • JELY

    Name: Jely Background: Joined Hammu Pangia with her younger sister Jessy (7) about 4 years ago Age: 9 (June 2006)...

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    Name: Yanti Background: Yanti was 9 when she and her older sister were one of the first children who joined Hammu...

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